Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Candy Bar Valentines Card

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share something I made for Stephen for our first Valentine's Day. I had so much fun creating this, and it was such a hit! I left it in his bedroom, propped up on his bed, while he was at work. Then when he walked into his room later that night it was the first thing he saw! He loved it. 

Here's what it says (in case it is hard to read). The bolded words below are the candy bars I used:

Happy Valentine's Day Big Hunk. I just wanted to Take 5  minutes and tell you that you make me feel like 100 Grand. I sure Skor-ed with you! I have Mounds of fun being such Nerds with you! You are such a Sweet Heart {Tarts}. I couldn't find a better man if I searched the Milky Way. My heart leaps for {Almond} Joy when I see you. You are so Nutrageously sexy! I love you to {Reeses} Pieces and I want to kiss you Now & Later. Being with you is like Pay Day everyday! I hope this card makes you Snicker{s}.  I LOVE YOU Baby {Ruth}!

This is simple, adorable & reasonably inexpensive gift for your significant other. 

All you need to make this yourself is:

1. Large piece of poster board

2. Hot glue gun (super glue would work too)

3. Sharpie (or markers)

4. Candy bars that put exactly how you feel into words.....  in a cute way! I had to go to 3-4 stores around town to find all of the candy bars I was looking for, but it was totally worth it.

5. Embellishments (if you want). I just printed some hearts off of the computer.

6. Think of somewhere fun to place it for a sweet surprise! Some ideas? In your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife's car, somewhere in the house, at their work, or anywhere you could think of that would make their day!


  1. This is such a cute idea! I'd love it if you stopped by my linky party and link up one of your favorite posts!

  2. Reminds me of that old novelty song done with candy bars inserted in key parts of the story!

    How "sweet"! Thanks for sharing with all of us tonight for the smiles and inspiration :D

    Visiting from Homemaker On A Dime!
    ~Suzanne in NW IL from WhyCuzICan

  3. Love it!!!! I did one of these for Valentine's last year, and love this version. The only thing is the 100 Grand bars are hard to find in my area :( Great post. Visiting from Bacon Time. ~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

  4. So cute! I'd love to have you link it up to my party at Thanks for sharing this!

  5. That is so sweet! What a thoughtful thing to do for your husband!
    ~Tonia @TheGunnySack

  6. This is really cute!! I miss the days when I did all these cute things for hubby, now all the cute things go to the kids. I think I need to surprise him this year :)

    1. Yes! You totally should. He would love it, I'm sure :)

  7. Adorable Valentine! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  8. This is presh!!! My hubs would love something like this! I might have to steal this idea! Oh and thanks so much for stopping by my blog, All In A Day, and for your sweet words about my "mini pallet"! xoxo

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just now getting a chance to check yours out. I love it! This idea is so cute and I know my hubby would love it! Candy always works for him.

  10. Hey following you back...thanks for your sweet comment. Congrats on the marriage and all the blessings I know it will give you! Such a beautiful picture of you two!!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up! Following you back! :)

  12. This is an adorable idea!!! Thank you for sharing on Trick or Treat Tuesday!!!

  13. I love this! Please stop over and share at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon:)

  14. This is the neatest ever. So adorable and could be used for other occasions like birthday, etc. Bookmarking this one!

  15. AMAZING! This turned out FABULOUS! You are going to have one SUPER stoked hubby! :) Thanks for sharing at my party!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! XO, Aimee

  16. I love this! I did the same thing for my hubby this Vday:) It was just too cute of a project to pass up right?

  17. Oh wow, where were you a month ago when I needed the perfect VDay gift for my hubby!!

  18. this is such a cute idea..i love it and wish to use it for the design of Gift Card envelopes.

  19. I love this idea. Planning on doing a card for my husband this Valentine's Day!!!

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