Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's OK Thursday 3/1

Its Ok Thursdays

 It's OK...

...that I am addicted to Scramble with Friends. Really, I am. be excited to see all of the creations linked up at From Scratch Friday tomorrow! be frustrated about the cold I have just come down with. I've stayed healthy all winter for the most part. I don't like this sore throat and sinus pressure one bit.

...that I love all the baking and cooking my hubby and I do together. My sis-in-law and her boyfriend came over for a yummy dinner last night that included the most amazing garlic bread sticks. Whoa yum. It's so nice to hardly buy any bread products anymore (ok, minus some hoagie rolls only because we don't have the right mold). But we make a loaf of bread weekly, pita bread, bread sticks, etc! Seriously awesome. be annoyed with our upstairs neighbors. They do not sleep. They are awake all night and most of the day. Always home, always up. They make so much noise at night, and on Tuesday night they woke me up at 3:30 am and I wasn't able to go back to sleep (they were being too loud!). I called the apartment manager a couple weeks back when they were partying all night with friends on a Sunday night but it hasn't stopped. It needs to, though.

...that I am so excited/proud/happy for my husband who is about to finish up his culinary internship. It ends next week and then he just has a couple of English classes that end like May 4. His graduation is April 7, though, a few weeks before he finishes. I am a proud wifey! always be ready for the weekend. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. I suck at Scramble! :( But I am awwsome at Hanging & Words :) All my neighbors are annoying! Yay for Friday!

  2. Have you tried Draw something yet?
    It's amazing. FYI.

  3. Is Scramble with friends an app that can only be played on the iphone/ipad?

    1. Unfortunately, I think so- at least so far. Hubby has an Android and he can't get it yet.

  4. I LOVE scramble with friends. One of my blog friends invited me to play and its like crack. Maybe even work! :)


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