Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

What a fun, sweet day we had on Valentine's Day this year. With a husband who used to serve at a fancy restaurant and consequently was required to work on this day (one of the busiest days for restaurants, of course), it was so wonderful that we both ended up having the day off together. What a treat! 

Stephen woke me up with this surprise that I mentioned yesterday. After that, we got ready for the day, browsed some of our favorite stores, went out for sushi (for him; I had chicken bento), relaxed and caught up on a show or two on dvr, and then had this amazing meal that words can't even describe.

We enjoyed wine throughout the evening and also watched a movie that hubby has been wanting to see. 

I gave him his gift. He was incredibly touched as he read through the 52 reasons I had written. It was so sweet to see his reaction. After reading through them, he stood up, kissed me, and told me "this was probably the best present I've ever given him." Wow. And I have given him a lot of gifts! What a hit this special gift was.

How did you celebrate this day of love?

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  1. I'm not a huge vday girl..I think it's somewhat well lets just say lame! ;) I'm not a huge girly girl but we've decided to make a new tradition, because we both couldn't remember anything we did for previous vdays..except our first vday together. Is that bad? That's how unimportant it is to me, but now that we're married and have been together 5 years it's good to keep things spiced up! So from now on we're going to try and get more creative w/ things! This year was just stressful, we didn't know what we wanted to make for dinner, it took us forever, my dessert didn't turn out right..and so on..I did get some very pretty flowers and a cute card! :)


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