Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Adventure: Christmas Tree Style

My husband, Stephen, was a boy scout growing up. So, when discussing where we should go to get our tree this year, it didn't surprise me that he suggested going to a local boy scout stand (like where we got the tree we put it my apartment last year) and supporting a group like that. We ended up going a little out of the way to a 4-H group that was selling trees for a very great price. All in all, we didn't end up cutting down our own three this year (that's okay with me) but it was freshly cut. 

This is the cute little place we picked out are tree at. The one we picked was huge, but more on that later. They also had a huge truck filled with more trees. But out of the ones leaning up here we picked the tallest, greenest, and prettiest one. Stephen has a small pick up truck, however, his tags are expired and we are in the process of getting new ones. So we ended up having to take my small car to get our tree. We though we would put it in my trunk and have it stick out a bit (my trunk is huge) but with the large tree we picked it was not going to go inside the car no matter how we tried to put it in there. 

So we moved to plan b. I was a little nervous about putting the tree on my car (my baby) but it worked out fine. Stephen tied it down and it didn't move an inch. We had a 20 mile drive home and we were totally fine. 

Once home, hubby untied the tree and carried it inside. Then the problems occurred. What a story we have about our first tree. First of all, we didn't realize how tall it was and this because more of a problem because we couldn't get it all the way inside our (cheap) stand because of the many knots down on the bottom of the tree. Also, hubby doesn't have all the right tools yet. We really could have used a hand saw (note to self: that would be a good birthday present next year). He thought he managed to work the knots off but the first time we got the tree up, and walked away, we heard it fall over. Ugh, really! Then I realized that Stephen had already put water in the stand so this was going to be a real mess. We laid it down, stood it up, turned it this way, that way, spilled water everywhere, said a few not-so-nice words, and used many towels to mop up the mess. But finally, we got it. 

Now, remind me to buy a better stand during the after Christmas sales this year. Thanks! 

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  1. What a good memory you two will have of your first tree! Lance and I haven't ever gotten one. We've only had our little fake one we're thinking about getting one for this year but you make a good point about the hand saw. I don't think we have one either!


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