Friday, December 9, 2011

Randomness & 5 Question Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! It has been a L O N G week for me and I couldn't be happier about the weekend being so close.

It's a chilly but sunny beautiful day and as I write this I am drinking a much-needed cup of coffee. 

This weekend we will be visiting my in-laws and staying Saturday night with Stephen's grandparents. I am looking forward to seeing everyone, catching up, and having a chance to just relax.

I mentioned previously that my grandma was sick and in the hospital. She has been home for about a week now and is slowly regaining her strength. After being in the hospital for 10 days, her body became very weak. Somehow, she picked up E.coli which got into her bloodstream and messed with her organs. I am thankful she is recovering. 

I am jealous of my husband who has practically had today and yesterday off. From noon until 9pm he was home without me yesterday and he only had school until 9:30 am today. I want to be home too!

Today I am participating in Five Question Friday today and you should too! Just hop on over to Mama M's blog to find out more and link up. 

1. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
My favorite Christmas cookie has to be gingersnaps! This is a recent trend since I found this recipe.. Hubby has been requesting them often. He loves to put ice cream in the middle and make ice cream sandwiches out of them.

2. What's your favorite holiday movie & why?
Four Christmases! It is absolutely hilarious and reminds my husband and I of our crazy families (both of our parents are divorced so we have many different stops on Christmas day). In fact, we have watched The Holiday and The Santa Claus already this year but we know that we love Four Christmases so we are waiting to watch it until closer to Christmas.

3. Is there a gift that you bought for your kids that you wish you hadn't after they opened it?
Well, I don't have kids yet, so nope :)

4. What is the messiest room in your house right at this moment?
Easily our second bedroom which is our office/guest room. Man. It looks like a tornado went off in there. There are books, left over wedding decorations, my wedding dress in a huge box, Christmas presents and wrapping paper, and who knows what else. Basically, it needs some attention stat!

5. What is the furthest you have driven for the holidays?
When I was a kid, my grandparents on my dad's side lived in southern California. I remember many Christmases where we all loaded into our minivan (four kids and our!) and made the ~20 hour drive to Cali. This was obviously before portable dvd players and such, but my dad was creative. We had a very small t.v. which he would place on a wooden stand (that he made) in between the driver and passenger seats upfront. This made our drive bearable. My mom was in charge of putting in the vhs tapes and was thankful for the silence they provided.

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  1. First time commenting on your blog; you have such a cute name for it! Enjoyed reading some of your entries; how neat with the angel ornaments given by your Grandmother, now decking your tree! So sorry to hear about your Grandmother, glad she is out of the hospital, I do hope she gets her strength back very quickly to be able to enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays! Enjoy your visit with family!

    I loved the story about traveling in the car with the TV to watch movies. Your dad was very clever indeed!

    have a good weekend!



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