Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have two things that I need to get off my chest. First, there are some situations that my husband handles way differently than I would. Secondly, I found out something a few days ago: my husband was keeping a secret from me.

Was it a big deal? No. Then what was the point? Well, you see, he thought the issue would fix itself.

See, multiple times in the past few weeks I have suggested that we use our food processor (which was a wedding gift) to make the process simpler for some meals that we were making. But lately every time I brought up the food processor Stephen has quickly replied that he will just do the job by hand. This made no sense to me. Until I realized he broke our food processor, was hoping it would fix itself, and decided not to tell
me about it.

When I found out all I could do was light. He busted the motor while making hummus. But really, we are so different because when something breaks I tell him immediately. I still haven't quite figured out how he thought the situation would resolve itself or that I would not notice. And that is how my husband and I are very different.

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