Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cyber Monday

Even after waking up very early and going shopping on Black Friday, I was very excited to check out the Cyber Monday deals this year. This was really only the second year I had heard about "Cyber Monday" and I was hoping to find my hubby an awesome Christmas present during the major sales that day. Did we buy anything you ask? Yes. In fact, our purchas surprised me. 

 This is what we got: 
Hello, cozy movie nights on our new 40" 240hz 1080p t.v.. I am stoked! 

Here's the deal: When hubby and I were engaged we were surprised to find out that the bride and groom often gave their spouse-to-be a wedding gift. We could not think of what we would possibly get each other besides something practical for us to enjoy together: a nice television. So our plan was to purchase a t.v. after our honeymoon as our "wedding gift" to each other. But our plan didn't exactly work out as we planned because Hawaii is expensive (we honeymooned there). So, now we are getting our wedding gift as a big Christmas present too! It should be arriving in the mail in the next week or two. 

Goodbye, old dinosaur t.v.. 


  1. congrats on the new TV - our friends got a 40 inch on black friday at a great deal too :) we couldn't wait that long and splurged on one using walmart wedding gift cards about a month ago :)

    if you have a second, today we're taking a stand against AIDS on my blog, by joining the ONE campaign. its quick and actually kinda fun and I would love for you to check it out :)

  2. oh and i love your banner, a lot :)


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