Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Weekend We Are...

.....relaxing and taking it easy after being sick all week. The babies that I nanny for have had colds and fevers all week, and despite taking an overload of vitamins we still managed to both get sick.

....catching up on Grimm. We have a surprising interest in this show. It was filmed here in Portland and we have a number of friends who played roles as "extras" in some of the ..episodes.

.... having a date night which includes two of our favorite things : wine & cheese. Oh and probably a third favorite: Season 5 of Friends. Last year, we watched all ten seasons in a year. Recently we decided to start over and watch them from the beginning- in a month we have already made it to season 5. 

..... couponing! I have an addiction with scoring products for free or nearly free. I love stocking up on products that will last and in turn save us money in the future. I use sites such as the Krazy Coupon Lady to find current sales and match ups for sales and coupons at my favorite stores. But one thing I love is when stores have "coupon doublers". Albertsons usually puts out three doublers every other week they have been out the last three weekends in a row! Score! 

.... cleaning. Our place is a mess. Enough said. 

.... finishing up our homemade Christmas presents! We our making Kahlua and Frangelico for many of our family members. They are two things we love and so we are thrilled to have made our own

Mixing the ingredients for Frangelico!

We stored all of the containers in the guest room closet. We needed a dark environment.

Both the Kahlua and Frangelico have been sitting for one month already in big containers and today we poured them into separate bottles. It has been such a fun project for us! I will do a separate post on the whole process of infusing these two liquors. 

... enjoying time off from work! Time to go hang out with the hubby now. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I've been around sick kids all week too. I hope I don't get sick...

    We just watched the first episode of Grimm! It was really good. I love that it's filmed in Portland.


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