Monday, January 16, 2012

Featured Guest: Dena from Dena's Deals

Today we have someone special guest posting about living life the frugal way. Please welcome Dena! 

Dena is an IRL (in real life) friend of mine that I have actually known for 20 years. She writes the blog "Dena's Deals" which is a great resource for weekly coupon match ups at stores like Albertsons, Fred Meyers, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and more. Another great feature of her blog is her weekly savings posts where she adds up what she spent versus what she saved from coupons and sales each week. Check out her blog, you won't be sorry!

She is with us today to share a post on doing date nights the frugal way. 


Hey husbands, listen up!

Your wife loves it when you spoil her. But if you're a newlywed or have a limited date night budget, you dont spoil that often. So I put together a list of things that you can do for her that will help you stay within your budget (whatever that may be). And ladies, don't be afraid to surprise your man with one of these either. 

    • Pack a picnic and go for a hike
    • Visit the Zoo on the second tuesday of the month
    • Get a movie from Redbox ( try promo code dvdonme for a free DVD) and single bag of popcorn (usually around $.19-.30) from Walgreens
    • Check Groupon Now for quick dinner deals usually about 50% off
    • Raid the dollar store for poker game items you don't already have. Use Peanuts or some other inexpensive marker and let the games begin.
    • Attend a poetry or book reading together. Most of these events are free and you'll learn something new to discuss over Starbucks later. (with that gift card you got from swagbucks of course!
    • Volunteer! Fill your cup while you fill someone else's.
    • Turn off the TV, your phones and anything else that might be a distraction, light some candles (40% off coupon in this sunday's paper) and serve this for dinner. Ah, sweet romance.

Having a slightly larger budget? Try these:

Any other ideas for an inexpensive date night? Leave them in the comments!


  1. Always looking for inexpensive date nights! These are great tips Dena!

    1. I know, right! Fun to hear her ideas :) Thanks for sharing, Dena!

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  3. Thanks you guys! be sure to visit my blog often! and im doing a giveaway right now so make sure you enter!

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