Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

...that we waited until Monday night (yes, the 2nd of January) to take our tree down.

...that all of our ornaments are laying on our dining table awaiting the return to their boxes. Sigh. Maybe they will pack themselves?

...that I am completely forgot my morning routine on Tuesday morning when I had to return to work after having 11 days off. decide I was going to eat less/better starting yesterday, only to give in when hubby offered me a glass of wine last night love couponing! be excited about the post series I started yesterday that sums up the details of  our wedding planning adventure. 

...that I am excited I discovered Caffee Mistos at Starbucks. Errr actually that my husband told me about them. Hello, Grande double pump toffee nut nonfat Caffe Misto :) Tastes just like a latte but I don't have to feel guilty.. be excited that the babies (that I nanny for) are currently sleeping. This break called nap time is welcomed with open arms around here.

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  1. I have to try that drink from Starbucks!!! Any time I can find a drink there and not feel guilty is a huge plus in my book!!!

    so following you.

  2. Haha, my tree still hasn't come down! I love couponing, too!! I have a great CVS trip planned later this week!

  3. omg i may need to try that drink at starbucks :) YUM! super cute blog girl!

  4. Oooo so going to look into that drink! My tree is still up. Coupons rock & one glass of wine never hurts! New follower


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